The following terms and conditions describe the rules applicable to the use of the Best of Italy application by the users of such product (hereinafter “Users”), available through the social network Facebook (

Users are understood to be any Internet users who, through acceptance of Facebook, use the Best of Italy application. Users, by using the Best of Italy application, automatically submit to the rules and conditions of this Term of Use (“Term”). Therefore, it is important for Users to carefully and carefully read the provisions of this Agreement. If you do not agree to any of the terms here, you should not use the Best of Italy application, as its use will imply an automatic and complete acceptance of the same.

The rules set forth herein apply to Users in addition to the rules of Facebook, rules that the User declares to know and accept when creating and using their social accounts, as well as their functionalities.

By using any application provided by The Best of Italy, such as the Best of Italy app, you accept the terms of the Best of Italy (Best of Italy Privacy Policy for Facebook application), which defines how the company uses the registration information related to Users.

There are 04 (four) ways for the User to install the Best of Italy application:

Facebook User receives an invitation from a friend to install the application;

The Facebook user searches for applications within Facebook finds the Best of Italy application and installs it;

The Facebook user sees that a friend who is already using the Best of Italy app has read a story within the Best of Italy and clicks the link on the subject on Facebook; e

The user, browsing the Best of Italy, sees a call to install the application, is redirected to Facebook and installs the application The Best of Italy.

Application Description

The Best of Italy application provides various articles for sharing on social networks.

Conditions of Access and Use of the Application

The User hereby acknowledges that for the use of the Best of Italy application he will be required to complete and obey the rules of the Privacy Policy of the site Best of Italy and Facebook, exempting from now on, the Best of Italy of any responsibility for false data that are inserted into Facebook.

It is reserved to The Best of Italy the right to be able to cancel, as part of the use of the Best of Italy application, any User registration, at any time and without previous notice, as soon as it is aware that it has performed some act or maintains conduct (i) violates federal, state, and / or municipal laws and regulations, (ii) violates applicable product rules, or (iii) violates moral principles and morals.

In this sense, without prejudice to the measures that may be taken in connection with the use of the Best Best of Italy application, the other Best Italian Services and before the law, rules, and regulations in force, access to said application may be blocked for twenty-four ) Users’ hours that show any of the following behaviors:

  • Facebook account creation using false personality, that is, pretending to be someone else, including, but not limited to, the celebrities and names of any employees of The Best in Italy or by being a company aerial
  • use and publication of undue images, such as the use of a Facebook avatar, which is pornographic, immoral or offensive or discriminatory because of sex, beliefs, age, social status, religions, cultures or races;
  • use of the application for commercial purposes, such as, but not limited to: business prospecting, sale, licensing, distribution, reproduction, alteration, or any other use for commercial purposes; or realization through the application of extemporaneous electoral propaganda, or that in any way constitutes an infraction of the electoral norms in force.

Any decision on whether or not to apply this Term of Use will be taken at the sole discretion of The Best of Italy.

From the notification received by third parties, the Best of Italy may exclude the reading information of any matter, in its sole discretion, as well as take all the measures that it deems appropriate, and may provide any information that is in its possession.