The “Best of Italy” privacy policy seeks to define rules for users of the Facebook Application. As a Facebook user, you are also subject to Facebook’s privacy policy. Check your account’s privacy settings for more information.

Collecting Information About You

In order for the experience of using the application to be customized, the application gathers some information about the user. This information is also used to monitor performance and develop improvements to the application. The “Best of Italy” website guarantees the secrecy and security of this information, but may provide information in the following cases: (i) to comply with requests from Police Authorities, as well as from the Judiciary and / or to comply with determinations any entity of the Public, Direct, Indirect Administration; and (ii) for the subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates, subsidiaries, controllers or other companies belonging to the “Best of Italy” site in order to bring to the knowledge of the user the products and / or services of said companies and / or organizations, if authorized by the user.

Our Principles

We will do our best to protect the security of our users’ data.

We will respect your privacy. You can receive newsletter emails only from the “Best of Italy” website, and only if you have made this option during your registration.

Dividing your Information with us and with other Users

When you first access the application, you will see the Facebook permission screen, which will inform you about what data can be accessed by the site “The Best of Italy” and which data you’ll want to share it with your friends. If you do not agree, you will not be able to use the app.

By accepting, you agree that the “Best of Italy” website accesses your personal data (name, profile photo, gender, and other publicly shared information according to your settings), as well as your network of friends and information about your use of the application as, for example, the articles you are reading.

If you interact with application data, for example, by making an assessment, this information can be seen by your friends. If you decide not to share the review with your network, you can uncheck the “post to facebook” option just above the submit button on the evaluation form.

Comments or any other content posted in response to the “Best of Italy” website’s content and posts on the Facebook application will not be monitored by our team and will be subject to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions of Use.

Canceling the Application

To cancel your application registration, you should go to the top of the article page and select “Remove this application”. Or you can cancel the app by accessing it directly on your Facebook page under “account settings”.

Once you have removed the application, we will no longer be allowed to access your Facebook information and your information will be removed from our application. If you select our article on Facebook after your cancellation you will be directed.

Legal Information and How to Contact Us:

This instrument will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Brazilian law, and the Forum of the District of Niterói, RJ, is hereby elected for matters relating thereto, with express waiver of any other.

If you have any questions, please contact us through the website