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Eduardo Kobra in Pisa: A Vibrant Homage to Galileo Galilei

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra is in Pisa has graced the city with a hypnotizing work of art dedicated to the legendary scientist Galileo Galilei. Known for his kaleidoscopic murals, Kobra adds a contemporary touch to the city’s artistic heritage. Called Murales Galileo Galilei, the mural …

What to do in Napoli: main touristic attractions

Conheça Napoli e seus bairros e ruas estreitas, com a cara da cidade. Saiba onde se hospedar, o que comer e o que fazer.

Where to stay in Merano

Are you searching where to stay in Merano, Italy, and looking for the perfect trip? Look no further! Merano is a beautiful town located in the northern region of Italy, in the province of South Tyrol. Known for its natural beauty, historic architecture, and thermal …